Childcarers App

You will be able to feel part of your child’s learning journey through your interactive online “Childcarers” APP that details records of your child’s learning and experiences Through the use of Childcarers we are able to upload photos and documents and use these experiences to document and assess each child’s learning and development. Childcarers also allows families to comment and share their ideas –and allows all families within to know what is happening and be involved in special events that we have happening throughout the centre. Through Childcarers, our educators write learning stories on each child as they engage in independent learning experiences and group learning experiences. Each day families will be sent an update of what the group of children have been up to throughout the day allowing families to connect with their Families can access Childcarers through the website and it is also available to download as an app on apple and android devices. By installing the app you will receive notifications instantly when a story has been published about your child.

linking parents and childcare