OOSH Curriculum and Program of Activities

At Little Sails, much importance is placed on the value of play in the personal and learning development of children. It is through play and interactions with others that children explore and discover, assimilate ideas, express feelings, experiment with social relationships and further develop their language skills.

The dedicated educators provide a balance between both indoor and outdoor activities as well as structured and unstructured experiences.

The Framework for School Aged Care in Australia (My Time, Our Place) has been developed to ensure that children in school aged care will have opportunities to engage in leisure and play-based experiences. We have incorporated elements of this framework into our own curriculum and programs for all children and our curriculum aims to expose the children to outcomes including: Children have a strong sense of identity, Children are Connected with and Contribute to the world, Children have a Strong Sense of Wellbeing, Children are Confident and Involved Learners, Children are Effective Communicators.

Our programs of experiences and activities are stimulating, interesting and varied – allowing opportunities for children to play and develop new skills, gain confidence and to foster new friendships. The programs are a mixture of structured and spontaneous activities, including sports, craft, dramatic play, construction, dancing and a variety of other children’s suggestions.